Add Media to a Person's Page

Each person in your tree has a unique profile page. You can access this two ways:

  1. Go to your tree view and find the person whose profile you want to view. Click their name. A dialogue box will appear with a condensed version of their profile. Click "VIEW PROFILE" to go to their full profile page.
  2. In the left-side menu, click "People." This brings you to a list of every person in your tree. You can search for a specific person in the blue bar at the top, or sort the list by name, birth or death date, or star rating. Click on a person's name to visit their full profile page.

Add media to a profile page

In the right-hand column, find "Media" and click the '+' button next to it. A dialogue box will pop up.

  • In the "Title" field, give the item a title (optional).
  • Upload a file using one of the following methods:
    • Click the "Select File" button and choose an item from your computer's files.
    • Drag a file from the file explorer on your computer and drop it on the target square.
    • Copy a photo from your computer and paste it into the target square.
  • Once you've uploaded a photo, you can crop it by dragging the black squares at the corners of the photo. Anything outside of the outline will be deleted after you save the photo to your tree.
  • Enter a date and location for the item (optional).
  • Add a note about the item: the story behind it, its significance, its provenance, or any transcription or notes from the back (optional).
  • Tag other people from your tree: next to the name of the person's profile, in the field that says "Add person," type the name of any other person from your tree. As you type, a list will appear, allowing you to choose the correct person. The media will now show up on that person's profile page as well.
  • Click "SAVE" at the bottom right of the dialogue box.