How to Edit Profile Information

There are two ways to edit a person's profile:

  1. In Tree view, click on the person's name. A dialogue box will pop up with basic profile information. Click the button that says "Edit profile."
  2. In the left-side menu, click "People." This brings you to a list of every person in your tree. You can search for a specific person in the blue bar at the top, or sort the list by name, birth or death date, or star rating. Click on a person's name to visit their full profile page. From here, click the button that says "EDIT" under the top section.

A dialogue box will appear and guide you through editing the person's information. You can edit their name, gender, birth date, death date, photo, or cover photo.

Alternately, when viewing a person's full profile page, you can click on any piece of information, and a dialogue box will appear allowing you to edit that information.