How to Manage People in My Tree

How to Manage People in my Tree

Table of Contents:

How to handle no known name

How to see a list of people in my tree and find, sort and filter them

How to handle no known name: 

AncesTREES will display the word "Unknown Unknown" if the given name and surname fields are left blank. If you leave the given name field blank and enter something else in the surname field (such as "-", "_", or ".") in the surname field, AncesTREES will leave the given name blank and display the "something else" as the surname. So if I entered "." In the surname field, AncesTREES would display "." as the name of the person.

If you only have a first or given name

Suppose the given name is Mary and you don't have a surname. AncesTREES will display "Mary Unknown" if you enter only a given name. If you enter a given name (Mary in this example) and something else (i.e. "-", "_" or ".") in the surname field, AncesTREES will display "Mary -".

How to find, sort and filter people in my tree:

-To find someone 

Click on the People tab in the left side menu. Enter the name of the person in the search box. Click on the person's name when it appears in the People window.

-To see a list of names in my tree

Click on "People" in the left side menu. You may also do a surname search! Just enter the surname in the search box. 

-To filter or sort the people in my tree

The "People" menu item displays a searchable, filterable and sortable list for the people in your tree. You may sort on any column, for instance, you may sort on last names or birthdates. You may sort by using the search box. For instance, if you enter a last name of Haynie in the search box, you will see a list of all the Haynie's.