Getting Started: Create Your DNA Profile

The first step in using AncesTREES DNA Tools is to  create your DNA profile and specify which DNA source  you will be using. AncesTREES doesn't process raw DNA data. We use spreadsheets created from your DNA data. You will need to import your raw data to GEDmatch, or use DNAgedcom or PedigreeThief which read the reports created by your DNA source to create your spreadsheets. After you have created a Profile, you copy and paste those spreadsheets into AncesTREES. 

How to set up Your DNA profile

  • Click on DNA in the left side menu. 

  • See the "+" in the red circle at the top right. The plus sign is your friend. It lets you add as many kits as you like. Click on the "+." This will bring up the Create DNA Profile window for you to fill in.
  • 1. Start by clicking on the down arrow in the upper right.

  • This will open a list of DNA data sources. AncesTREES does not process your raw data. Your raw data must by processed by GEDmatch, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, and 23andMe into exportable spreadsheets. If you get a $10 membership at GEDmatch, you can import raw data from most providers to GEDmatch and they will create the spreadsheets you need for AncesTREES DNA tools.
  • Choose your DNA data source. 

    2. You must enter an ID number or name for your kit. Do not leave this field blank. You may use the Kit ID number used by your source or any profile name you like.

    3. Next, enter a description (not required). 

    4. Enter the name of the person who owns this kit. Start typing the name of the person. A list of matching persons from your tree will appear. This person must be IN your tree.

    5. Click on the person this kits belongs to. (If this person is not already in your tree, you will need to open AncesTREES in another tab and add him or her to your tree before continuing.)

    6. Click on "SAVE."

  • Note: You may have multiple DNA profiles, for yourself and others. 
  • Follow the instructions are in a gray box on the next screen to copy the processed spreadsheets from your desired source into AncesTREES. DNA Gedcom will read your files at Ancestry, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA and MyHeritage. GEDmatch can process your raw data into spreadsheets. PedigreeThief will process your MyHeritage data into spreadsheets.