Kit View Matching, Color Coding, Chromosome Browser and MiniTrees

Table of Contents

  • How to match a kit to your tree
  • How to color code DNA Views
  • How to import a kit's MiniTree
  • How to initialize the Chromosome Browser

How to match a kit to your tree

Matching kits to your tree is not automatic. There is no way for AncesTREES to know which kits match to which ancestors until you match them.

  1. Click on the kit number or node in any view.
  2. Click on the pencil icon in the top right of the Kit View.
  3. Click on the match tab.
  4. Choose whether this kit matches to "someone in my tree," to "descendant of a couple in my tree" or "in the line of someone in my tree." 
  5. Beginning type the name of a person in your tree that is a relative to the owner of this kit. A drop down with names from your tree will open. Choose from the drop down. IMPORTANT, you cannot match a kit to someone who is not in your tree. If you want to preserve the separate linage of the kit, add that ancillary line first.
  6. Click "save."

Your match will now be color coded according to its matched position in your tree.

How to color code DNA Views

Color coding is not automatic. Color coding is a result of matching a kit to an ancestor or other person in your tree. To color code a kit, see the instruction above under  How to match a kit to your tree.

How to import a kit's MiniTree

The tree icon on the List View means there is tree associated with this kit at GEDmatch or WikiTree. MiniTrees can be imported into the Kit View by following theses directions.

  1. Log into GEDmatch.
  2. Select "One to many" matches.
  3. Enter your kit number and click on "Display Results."
  4. Use Control-F (for PC Users) or Command F (for Mac users) to find the kit number you want.
  5. Click on the GED or WIKI link, select a GEDCOM to examine, then click on the Pedigree link.
  6. When you see the pedigree, Control-A (for PC Users) or Command-A (for Mac users) to select the entire page, then Control-C (for PC Users) or Command-C (for Mac users) to copy.
  7. Open the AncesTREES Kit View for this person and click on the Tree tab and click in the gray instruction box.
  8. Click Control-V (for PC Users) or Command-V (for Mac users) to paste.
  9. Save.

How initialize the Chromosome Browser for a kit

The Chromosome Browser is automatically generated in the Kit View after you upload the List and the Segment matches.